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Architectural Detailing & Design

Interior Elevations

Elevations are essential in understanding the interior design of your home, providing a clear view of individual walls in specific rooms. Our team will create detailed elevation drawings that showcase the design of your home from various perspectives.

Effective Design Communication

Elevation drawings allow for effective communication between you, the design team, and the contractors, ensuring that everyone understands the intended design and its execution.

Essential for Renovations

Elevation drawings are crucial for renovation projects, especially when dealing with detailed elements like fireplaces, bathroom vanities, or bars, as they provide an accurate representation of the final result and help avoid surprises during the installation process.

Detailed Interior Visualization

Elevations offer a clear view of the front or side of various elements in a room, such as cabinetry, built-in furniture, or fireplaces, helping you understand the design in greater detail compared to floor plans.

Customized Cabinetry and Built-Ins

Elevations are particularly useful when designing custom cabinetry or built-in furniture, as they display the size, location, and details of each element, allowing for any necessary adjustments before construction or installation.