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Real estate investors remodel with buildappeal

Invest with Confidence

Supercharge your investment — our data-driven, all-in-one renovation platform transforms your investment property from start to sell ready, fast.

Award-winning home renovation excellence

Faster, more-efficient turns

Faster, more-efficient turns

We've developed all-in-one modular teams that work in perfect synergy to handle each and every aspect of the project — delivering ROI faster for you and your partners.

Quality — guaranteed

Quality — guaranteed

Fully licensed & insured — our experts have decades of experience delivering premium quality design & build projects. The track record is flawless.

Open & Transparent

Open & Transparent

We bring unparalleled transparency to the renovation process, with real-time updates in your personal feed.

Investors benefits.

Let's work together


The BuildAppeal platform and modular team design is architected to create economies of scale - we scale with you.


The RenoEngine™ platform leverages detailed historical remodel data (down to the zip code) + real-time market conditions to help navigate the highest ROI renovation projects.


Designer-curated packages that are always on-trend. One-stop material procurement services, from purchase to delivery.

Maximize the value of your real estate portfolio

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