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Here's our story and our mission.

We're different.

We're fun, relentless and unique.

Our experience has allowed us to make design and construction fun, seamless, and stress-free for our clients. There is no such thing as a problem-free renovation, but the character of a company or a person in how they overcome obstacles. Our communicative staff will present you with solutions and help you to understand all of your options to ensure you make the right decisions for you.

Our history

How BuildAppeal was born.

For the last 15 years, Lisa Bell Design Group has been one of the premier Design Firms in Northern/Southern California and Texas, Specializing in high-end finishes and remodels from the start.  Some of the most prominent homes in Los Angeles and Orange Counties have been designed and built or remodeled by Lisa.

Desiring to meet a larger audience, LBDG started offering investment remodels to local investors, which began a beautiful relationship of creating amazing homes and designs in an incredibly fast time frame as well as affordable pricing.  LBDG created a process that was straight forward, clean and simple and beautiful for the client to imagine.  LBDG becoming experts at managing projects from near or far, realized it was time to bring their design and construction expertise to the whole country.

BuildAppeal was born. BuildAppeal wanted to reach every client near or far understanding that each client is unique in their location, desired out come, design, budget and overall expectations. This special ingredient makes our designs stellar–Above the rest. BuildAppeal is based on real people and individual tastes, styles and dreams. We truly do it all. And now, with the help of the internet and our trusty business model, we can do it all for everyone.

Backed by experience.

Meet the team.

Combined, our team has more than 5 decades of experience and we have built/remodeled more than 5,000 homes. Here’s a quick introduction of the team that started it all.

Lisa Bell

Co-Founder & Chief Designer

Alex Del Toro

Co-Founder & CEO

Nelson Keating

Co-Founder & CPO

Our Pro Partner Network

Behind every great design and construction firm, are the hard working subcontractors and team members. We invest in our partners by providing them with resources to run their business; from draw advances to templated forms and notices, our extensive offerings ensure that our partners can spend less time in the office and more time doing what they are passionate about.

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