Accurate scans to actual plans.

Go beyond basic estimates with the meticulous, fact-based design plan that lets you to renovate with confidence.

From $499.

Award-winning home renovation excellence

The contactor texts you
we have a problem.

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Our Scan & Plan package was engineered to deliver a meticulous, low-cost, 3D-scan-based design plan that eliminates guesswork and sets you up for renovation success.

Everything you need.
Nothing you don't.


Precise Measurements

The latest in 3d technology creates ultra precise, immersive 3d replicas of your space(s).


Catch a Vibe

We leverage the replica and your comments to put a few high-level concepts together.


Renovate Confidently

Get an informed plan/proposal and eliminate the guesswork, before any larger commitment.


How It Works


It all starts with
3D capture

It all starts with <br/> 3D capture
  • We send a professional surveyor to scan your space
  • Incredible detail and precise measurements
  • Quick & easy, takes about an hour

Scan 1-2 hours

Processing 3 Days


Discovery &
Space Review

Discovery & <br/> Space Review


  • The Ideas - your dreams & desires
  • The Intricacies - constraints like budget & timeline
  • The Impact - the end goal for your project

Time 30 Minutes


Delivery Day
Project plan & proposal

Delivery Day<br/> Project plan & proposal


  • Unveil our design concepts
  • Review your detailed project plan & quote
  • Q&A

Time 60 min

Your questions,

Advisor Package.
From $499.